Hybrid cars produce extremely low emissions because the engine stops automatically when the car is not moving. The hybrid vehicle uses two motors at different times to achieve optimum performance. When the vehicle is moving, both gasoline engine and the electric motor provides power. Well it’s very simple to do, the engine of your car can be converted to become a hybrid (the significance of this is that it can become the duel fuel) engine. Everything’s under the hood of the car inclusive of the engine and the hybrid system.
Electric vehicles on the other hand, produce virtually no pollutants, and because they run on electricity they are much cheaper to fuel up. Plug-in hybrids use on average 40-60% less than gasoline or diesel than conventional vehicles, automatically creating giant financial savings for consumers. On the other less efficient hand, an internal combustion engine that burns gasoline to power the vehicle. Industry developments since the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle was introduced in Japan by Toyota in 1997, there has been a steady increase in the awareness and acceptance of this technology. The vehicle is designed to stay in EV up to 25 miles per hour, but if you accelerate too fast, the gasoline engine starts immediately.

Exhausted drivers have been forking over a small ransom to fuel their cars at the pump with gasoline, combined with ethical and environmental concerns societal dependence on the oil industry, are increasingly opting for hybrid cars. I hope after reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what a hybrid car is all about, they seem to be here to stay. Is there such a thing as water hybrid cars? There has also been no large consumption of gasoline to power the car can be expensive. There are several advantages of using a hybrid rather than a conventional vehicle. If you are a car enthusiast, you will be interested to know those of a hybrid car.
A hybrid car uses several strategies to conserve energy and to  emit fewer emissions and save money by using less fuel. A hybrid is very similar to the gasoline-powered automobile most people drive today, the big difference is the hybrid also uses batteries as part of their propulsion, most hybrid cars on the road now are gasoline-electric hybrids, although there are some that are diesel-electric, but for the sake of this article, we will focus on the car gasoline-electric motor. Unique hybrid gas-electric attributes are a compromise between consuming fuel, electric gas pollution and clean energy supply of electrical energy, but often are low-end and impractical. Unfortunately, electric cars (although this is changing) could not go very far historically between charges and do not produce enough power to be practical in many driving conditions. Companies such as Toyota and Opel are developing technology that will allow road users to power their cars on any electricity in urban and built-up areas for short trips, but switch to a gasoline engine as the primary energy source for long journeys. Hybrid cars are capable of storing kinetic energy, and this energy can be used later to power the car.
When it comes to considering the hybrid vehicle, fueling stations are not uniformly distributed in throughout the United Kingdom. To fill the gap,  the hybrid car was invented. The hybrid is a compromise, it attempts to significantly increase mileage and lower emissions than gasoline-powered car, to be useful for you or me, a hybrid must be refueled quickly and deliver about 300 miles or more between recharging. Hybrids are now exceeding 3 percent of new automobile sales, but as they win awards for environmental and demographic changes, sales are expected to double in the next five years. Then it can be converted into a (very similar to converting a car to use liquefied petroleum gas) hybrid. For this reason, most hybrids use smaller engines to make them light weight.
Fuels are sought for and studied in order to address issues related to the use of conventional fossil fuel cars. Driving a gas engine has a fuel tank which supplies fuel to the engine, which rotates with the transmission, which turns the wheels. It is also interesting to consider that, as fuel costs are much lower with hybrid vehicles, it is more profitable in the long run to buy a hybrid vehicle, such as fuel savings to help balance the larger initial investment. As energy efficiency is a priority for many consumers, industry experts believe that the hybrid vehicle can be a turning point, introducing worldwide acceptance. For this reason, a hybrid car is able to provide a lot more mileage per gallon of fuel than conventional cars. In other words, they would not make a lot of money and revenue from vehicles running fossil fuels, promoting the advancement of the hybrid automobile industry.

Spend Less Without Coupons

I am not the sort of person who naturally just saves money – it has always gone out of my bank accounts nearly as fast as it has gone in. Earned $500 that week? Great, that meant I had $500 to spend that weekend. Of course living paycheck to paycheck becomes quite stressful, especially when you get paid every two weeks and have no money left after the first week. When you are young and single this isn’t so bad, but as you get older it gets quite embarrassing. Also once you have a partner and/or family to support it really is not an acceptable way to live!

verizon promo code to save you money

Save those $$!!

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having fun. I’m a big believer that life is to be experienced and enjoyed, and that there are few better things than a steak and garlic mashed potatoes. But I was going about it the wrong way. If I saw something I wanted, I’d just go get it. I had a credit card, but luckily for me at that time, I hadn’t figured out exactly how the whole balance thing worked. I was nervous about using it because I was afraid that I wouldn’t pay it off on time only because I didn’t understand the bill and that I’d get huge fees and ruin my credit. At least I had enough sense to understand that.

Because I never used a credit card, I had to constrain my wants and needs into my budget, with the wants almost always winning out over the needs. When SD Gal and I got married, I literally brought almost nothing to the table in terms of financial help.

I imagine that if finances had come up more often as a serious discussion point during our courtship, we probably would have dated quite a bit longer, or at least until I had some more money saved up. However, I lucked out – SD Gal is the consummate saver, looking to hold on to every last cent she can. It was her reserve that helped us get through our first married months and all of the extra fees and things you need when you first get married.

Together, we’ve made a good balance. She tends to lean towards the ‘lets save it’ side, and I still have one foot firmly planted in the ‘we’ve worked hard, let’s party’ side. We’re usually able to come to a good compromise, and we’ve saved quite a bit more than we’ve spent. That tells you who usually wins in our house.

The one thing she has really figured out to save us money on every day expenses is the art of using coupons for everything. Even simple things like getting new phone plans  - she used averizon promo code to cut her phone bill in half and when my phone crapped out and I couldn’t really afford a new one she found me a straight talk promo code that let me get the cell phone I wanted with no money needed up front – smart lady!

I’m glad we’re saving. I’m much more comfortable having a cushion in the bank, and I know that if something does happen, we aren’t going to be left high and dry because we can’t pay for anything. On the other hand, it’s still important to enjoy the fruits of our labors. Failing to do so will result in a boring life, and I don’t want that either. Now that things have balanced out we can afford fun, but I’m glad we saved first. How do you balance saving and having fun – when are you comfortable using your savings for enjoyment? Do you ever feel remorse – like you should save your savings (yes, that was intended) for a rainy day?

The Organic Foods Market

Bristol Holds Organic Food FestivalEarlier this month, as part of an early fall tradition, the largest organic food festival in Europe was hosted right by the harbour in Bristol, England.  The festival, which ran from 12-13 September, is run annually by the Soil Association, which is a UK-based charity focusing on local farming and public education.  This year, over 150 exhibitors pitched their tents to bring education and awareness to organic foods.  While it used to be free, it has in recent years become overly popular, so this year adults were charged five pounds (one pound of which was donated to the Soil Association), though children were able to enter free of charge.New Additions to the Weekend


Trying to make the festival a family affair with something to do for everyone, the planners decided to implement a Kids Taste Tent and a bazaar featuring street food from around the world, including Thai, Indian, and Somalian fare.  My personal favorite was the Greek couscous with yogurt, fresh broad beans, and coriander– yum!

Not Just for Eating

Besides stuffing my face with delicious organic eats (which believe me, I did plenty of that), the festival also featured live music and dance shows, and workshops to teach the public about how to cook with organic ingredients.  Now, usually I am a disaster in the kitchen, but the workshops were designed to teach even the least talented chefs among us how to cook. I was able to learn how to make some great food (like mango chutney!) from some famous chefs.

Because of a recent article published in The Guardian that stated that the Food Standards Agency found that organic food is not healthier compared with conventionally produced food, there was also a greater emphasis on why organic food is better for you regardless of what the study says.  Sustainability was a buzzword that was floating around the air throughout the entire weekend, because the fact of the matter is that conventional farming isn’t a sustainable method.  It depletes nutrients from the soil, expends a huge amount of fossil fuel, and doesn’t allow for a high standard of animal welfare.  Organic food is just the way to go for farming of the future.

Addicted to Angry Birds

Without the development of Angry Birds, it is hard to say where the mobile gaming market would be as a whole right now.  The company behind the game, Rovio, absolutely blew up  the market and became the first company to prove that mobile apps can truly move a lot of money and provide a great experience for the end user.  Too many apps were focused on too much functionality and pizzazz without actually concentrating on the quality of the application.  Angry Birds succeeded because it is an extremely well polished game with a rock solid foundation of game play dynamics to back it up.


Unlike a lot of the games out on mobile right now, Angry Birds actually has characters that are likable.  This is further proven by the fact that you can go to any mall in America and buy shirts with the eyes, beak and mouth of each particular type of bird.  Name another application that has its characters on shirts at most major malls.  I sure can’t.  The characters in a game are absolutely vital to the success of a game as a whole, and the quirky juxtaposition of the angry birds and the evil, dastardly pigs is just odd enough to spark attention in someone who is being introduced to the game for the first time.

We love those angry little birds

Rovio has shown that they are not a one hit wonder by doing extremely smart things with the one piece of intellectual property that they do have.  They released free updates and bonus levels for those who had already bought the game, as well as a standalone holiday game series and they continue to release new episodes every six months or so.


With the release of each new episode they add some new little tweak to the game play to keep the entire game fresh, new and exciting for veteran players.  Everyone loves a puzzle but once they have solved it they get bored and Rovio knows this.  They have designed some clever gameplay tricks to keep people hooked on the Angry Birds world.


The first is the star rating system and scoring system for each level.  Depending on your score you can earn anywhere from one to three stars per level.  The higher the score, the higher the stars you earn.  While it essentially means nothing, people love to get hooked into these systems and will spend hours and hours just developing the perfect strategy to ace each level.


The next thing that they added was the golden egg.  They decided to hide golden eggs throughout the levels which, if unlocked, would let loose even more bonus content for their users.  Bonus content and hidden unlockables are staples of addictive gameplay and I have to say that Rovio did as good a job as any mobile app company I have ever seen at implementing these features.  They truly understand gameplay and thanks to them the world has yet another amazing game to enjoy with their friends and family.

K Cups or Coffee?

Earlier this year, I was living in a spacious room with four other girls in gorgeous townhouse right on the beach.  We had an amazing view of the hang-gliders drifting over the ocean, the sunsets, and the palm trees; our apartment dynamic was fantastic; and we had a Keurig coffee maker, thanks to one of the roommates’ moms who had bought it for her for her birthday a couple of years ago. Life was basically perfect back then.

beans of cheap k cups tough choice

Yum… free trade coffee beans taste better

Sadly the lease ended sometime in the middle of summer and we knew we were going to have to split up and go our separate ways.  Some of us moved to the city, some to the country, but me? I stayed.  I did a quick search of apartments in the area and sign the documents for the first one I could find, even though I didn’t know the girl I would be living with.  Needless to say I didn’t get to keep any of the wonderful things about my old apartment, including the ocean view and the incredible Keurig coffee maker.
We have a simple one that brews 12 cups at a time that we bought for maybe $15. I miss that Keurig so much.  It just doesn’t make any sense to me why a two-person household (or really any size household, for that matter) would need 12 cups of coffee at one time.  No one drinks that much coffee, and if they do there is probably something physically wrong with them.

My roommate and I barely ever get up at the same time, so if I brew the coffee first she doesn’t get it for hours later, and by that time it is either cold or burnt– but always stale.  Let’s face it: coffee tastes best within the first few minutes that it is brewed.  Anything longer than that and you might as well not drink anything.  I can’t even count the number of times my roommate left the house earlier than me, and left the coffee maker on thinking I would grab a cup, only for me to come home from work hours later and smell burnt coffee throughout the house because I failed to check the kitchen that morning.  Trust me: it’s just as unpleasant a smell as it sounds like it would be.
The other thing I hate about having this cheaply-made coffee maker in our kitchen is that there aren’t very many varieties of coffee that I can buy at the supermarket.  One of my favorite things about the Keurig were the cheap K cups that came in a whole assortment of roasts, made with coffee beans from all over the world.  Not only were they super convenient in that I could make exactly the serving size I would need (and not eight times more than I needed), but the selection of flavor is amazing.  I can only find a few different brands available for purchase in the coffee aisle at my local grocery store, and I am tired of all of them.  Variety is the spice of life, and I am tired of drinking the same flavored coffee, day in and day out.  I want more!

Best Chicken Recipe

I made a new chicken dish tonight. It was yummy! :)

6 boneless/skinless chicken breasts (ones for me were trimmed and weighed at 3.5oz)
1/4c Vegetable Stock (I used Wolfgang Puck’s Natural Vegetable Stock)
Juice of 1/2 Orange
1/2 tsp Red Pepper flakes
1/2 tsp Italian Seasoning (contained basil, oregano, marjoram, savory, & sage)

Added veg stock, fresh o.j., red pepper flakes, and Italian Seasoning to a dish. Let chicken sit in marinade for 20 minutes or so.

Marinating for 20 minutes (I’m not a fan of raw chicken – it kinda grosses me out, so I’ll make this picture smaller for you in case you are anything like me.) :)

I used my panini press, which opens flat to “grill” food. I grilled them for about 10 minutes on each side (but to make sure they didn’t get too brown, i cooked 5 minutes on one side, flip -cook 5 minutes, flip again cook 5 minutes, flip again – cook 5 minutes.)

After 1st flip
(this is just the one side of the grill)

 So after flipping the chicken for the last time, I just let it grill for another 5 minutes. Here is the finished product just before removing from the grill.